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Full-Electronic Ignition System 208/308, 1-Distributor

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After more than 30 years of utilisation, original Magneti Marelli distributors are often worn... more
Product information "Full-Electronic Ignition System 208/308, 1-Distributor"
better than original!After more than 30 years of utilisation, original Magneti Marelli distributors are often worn
and frequently inaccurate. The conversion of contactless ignition also renders only
a partial success, since wear and tear on the early adjustment mechanics,
the distributor shaft, bearings and on the distributor housing remains.
The fully-electronic distributor is different. All movable parts such as contacts,
fly weights and springs have been replaced through one movable part:
the central shaft with fixed rotor.
The integrated electronics guarantee exact ignition time
and optimal dwell angle in every speed range.
As a result, you always achieve an exact and wear-free ignition time.
Once installed, you no longer need to think about the ignition.

The ready-to-install ignition system includes:
- One fully-electronic distributor with fixed-programmed 208 ignition advance curve
- One mount adapter
- One driving plate
- One high-performance ignition coil
- Adapter revolution counter
- One Premium ignition cable set
- One easily understandable installation manual
- 1.5m USB cable for programming the distributor
- Two additional distributor gaskets
- Ignition Power Controller 2

Installation Position:
We recommend the installation on the bench 5-8!
When installed on the bench 1-4 you have very little space to remove the distributor cap because of the oil pressure hoses.

When ordering please enter under 'Size' the desired installation position, so you get the right cable lengths!
Bank 1-4 = rear
Bank 5-8 = front

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